Pokemon Sapphire

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What is Pokemon Sapphire?

Pokemon Sapphire

One of the best versions of Pokemon is clearly Sapphire, the GBA game that you now don't need a console or emulator to play because it is easily accessible for free on our website, where you can go on a Pokemon adventure directly from your browsers!

Play Pokemon Sapphire and catch them all!

The Hoenn region is the setting of this new game, and the three pocket monsters that you can pick from at the start of the game are Treecko, Torchic, or Mudkip, who is given to you by Professor Birch, who you have to protect from the attack of a wild Pokemon.

After making your choice, you are able to set out on your adventure through the land, where you have the goal of collecting Pokemon by defeating them in battle and capturing them with your Pokeball, for starters.

Develop those creatures and make them stronger, so that you win fights against other Pokemon Trainers, and then collect the badgers of the gyms in the region, doing so by defeating the gym leaders, the best trainers in the areas.

Use the arrows, Z, X, shift, CTRL keys to navigate the world and make decisions, with the battles being turn-based. Good luck in your upcoming adventures, and we definitely hope to see you around, having even more of them!

How to play?

Use the arrows, Z, X, shift, CTRL keys.

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