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Motherload Overview


Motherload is one of the best digging games online on our website! Going underground with machines that dig have always been fun mining games online. Now you do it with a high-quality one from Miniclip. We're sure you want to get to treasure hunting ASAP, so let's give you the rundown of what you will be doing!

Let's get the Motherload!

Go underground with your digger, and get minerals, stones, diamonds, jewels, and other precious stones, metals, and the like. Anything that can be used as a resource is good. That's because you take it back to the surface, where you trade it at the mineral depot. Get money for them, refuel your tank at the gas station, and then start digging again.

IMPORTANT: you can dig towards the left, you can dig towards the right, and down, of course, but you can never dig up! So, make sure to have a route to go back up, since you cannot dig a new one.

Intuitive controls for driving the digger.

To move through the underground use the four arrow keys, but if it is better for you, you can alternatively use w, a, s, d. For all the options you've also got hot-keys you need to know about:

  • Press I to open up the Inventory. Find upgrades and equip them, or dispose of materials from there.
  • With R you set off the Hull Repair Nanites. They are microscopic robots that fix your digger.
  • If you run out of fuel, and the station is far, press F for the Reserve Fuel Tank.
  • Use Dynamite by pressing X. Use it to blow minerals that are hard to get to.
  • Activate Plastic Explosives using the C key.
  • Press Q for the Quantum Teleporter. It instantly brings you back to the surface -  it's great for emergencies
  • Alternatively, use M for the Matter Transmitter, which is safer than the Quantum one.
Don't get stuck underground!

Watch for the fuel meter and the hull meter. They show you how much longer you can dig, and if you have damage. We recommend making small trips. Do a quick trip, get your treasure, and bring it back up. Make the repairs and the refueling.

As you upgrade your digger,  you can start doing longer trips down under, and get even more treasures with each run. To be an amazing miner online, it takes time, so take it, and enjoy this game to the fullest!

How to play?

Use the ARROWS/WASD keys.

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