Pokemon X & Y

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Pokemon X & Y
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What is Pokemon X & Y?

Pokemon X & Y

Pokemon X & Y is a fan-made version of Pokemon Emerald that you can now play free of charge directly from your browsers on our website, it is emulated directly on this page, without you needing to download or do anything else, just start your new adventure with the pocket monsters!

Conquer Pokemon X & Y, just like the other games!

The new region you will travel is called Kalos, featuring many sixth-gen pocket monsters for you to find and try to capture in your Pokeballs, something that happens if you defeat them in battle.

Then, use those monsters in the battle against other trainers to raise their level and evolve, and for your own status try defeating all the gym leaders and become a legendary trainer yourself!

The battles between Pokemon are turn-based, so you go, then your opponent goes, so try finding the best strategy and use your most powerful attacks, or special items to replenish health and power. Use the arrows, enter, backspace keys, as well as Z, X, A, S.

All the players are invited to have the best time possible, after which we would definitely want to see you play even more of the content we have brought so far to this page!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the arrows, Z, X, A, S, enter, backspace keys.

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