Pokemon Pikachu

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Pokemon Pikachu
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What is Pokemon Pikachu?

Pokemon Pikachu

Pokemon Pikachu features the most popular of the pocket monsters, this electrical rat in black and yellow, who you now join in a running and jumping game unlike you've ever seen in this category before, which is precisely why we highly recommend it to you and we hope that you give it a try right now!

Run with Pikachu from Pokemon!

As the Pokemon runs forward automatically, you need to help him get past the pits as well as spikes and other traps/obstacles in his path, so click/tap to make him jump, and try reaching the end of each course in each of the ten levels, with each course being more difficult than the one before it.

As you run, your score improves, but it gets even better if you can collect the gold coins along the way, so make sure to jump and grab them too. It's really all that simple and fun, so we invite you to start the fun right now, after which you're invited to keep playing our amazing daily games!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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