Pokemon GO Pikachu

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What is Pokemon GO Pikachu?

Pokemon GO Pikachu

Welcome to Pokemon GO Pikachu, a puzzle and collection game with elements of merging, 2048, and, of course, your favorite pocket monsters, with a concept that we've not seen before in this category, which only means that you are in for a fresh and awesome experience!

Pokemon GO with Pikachu!

You will use the mouse to click on Pokemon on the table and slide them in any of the four directions you want, having to bring them to the place where you can see silhouettes of them, because if they are placed in the correct spot, you will have cleared the level, of course.

Try moving them in such a way that before they get to their spot and start glowing, you also collect pokeballs along the way, finishing the level with the highest score. This is how you try to capture multiple Pokemon of various attributes, such as water, earth, fire, wind, and others.

Each new puzzle is a bit more complicated than the one before it, but that also makes things more exciting and fun, as only here is possible, with the freshest games on the internet!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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