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Fix-It Felix Jr

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Fix-It Felix Jr
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Fix-It Felix Jr Overview


Fix-It Felix Jr is a character spun-off from the Wreck-It-Ralph series of video games, and he now has his own game ported directly on our website, emulated for you so you don't need to download it anywhere else, but play it directly on our website, on your browsers.

If Ralph is the one that wrecks everything up and destroys, as his name suggests, Felix fixes it up, as a plumber and construction worker, something you're here to help out with, which we will explain right now!

Become Fix-It Felix Jr in a new Wreck-It Ralph game online!

Use the right and left arrow keys for moving, and press Z to jump, and X to fix with your magic hammer. See? Easy controls for older games that are emulated are included in this game.

As Wreck-It Ralph destroys the building from the top, you go and fix the windows by pressing X next to them and jumping around from floor to floor. Of course, you need to do all of this while avoiding the bricks that he throws from the top of the building since getting hit means dying and having to restart.

The more you fix, and the higher on the building you climb, the more points you get, so aim for a really big score!

We wish you the best and tons of luck, inviting you to stick around for even more daily games!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys, Z, and X.

Tips & Tricks

  • Play Fix It Felix Jr emulated with keyboard controls that are easy.
  • Avoid the bricks Ralph throws to survive, as you climb the tower!

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