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What are Mega Man Games?

Welcome to you all to the Mega Man Games category, which can also be known as Rockman Games if you're Japanese, since that is how the original video game was called, and this is the country where it was developed, it being one of the most popular franchises Capcom has ever created. 1987 was the release year of the first game, on the Nintendo console, and after it the series has spawned no less than fifty other games on various consoles, with some notable entries being:

Mega Man: Origins

Mega Man's original robot name was Rock, created as a lab assistant for two doctors, Light, and Wily, with Wily eventually becoming a betrayer bent on taking over the world, which is why Rock volunteered to be transformed into a battle robot, one that can take on the crazy machinations of the evil doctor. Mega Man X is the original character's successor, as his series is set in the future, who has complete control over his thoughts and feelings.

Mega Man Zero is the next chapter in the story, focused on the title character's sidekick Zero, who has to battle a force of human supremacists who want to exterminate robots everywhere. In 2006 we saw the debut of Mega Man ZX, a series where humans and robots are more intertwined than ever, with the protagonist having to find the Biometals containing data of legendary heroes of the past.

In Mega Man Legends, we go thousands of years into the future, and we have more battles and adventures, with these games being rendered in 3D technology. Mega Man Battle Network is focused more on fast-paced battles using trading cards, with Mega Man Star Force continuing the format into the future with new threats for our protagonist. Rockman Xover was an anniversary game created for iOS and released in 2012.

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Of course, as you would expect from what we already told you about the series of original games for various platforms, the browser ones you try here are also action-packed, featuring lots of adventures for you to have, many of them being RPG Games where you play the role of this character. Whether you have to save robots, humans, the real world, or the digital one, take the mantle of Mega Man in any iteration, and use his robot powers to save the day!