The Doomsday Zone Remastered

The Doomsday Zone Remastered

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The Doomsday Zone Remastered
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The Doomsday Zone Remastered Overview


Play The Doomsday Zone Remastered, a new Sonic running game. Well, not quite, it's a space-flying game!. It features this dangerous level and map, as you can tell from the title. You've never had a Sonic adventure like this one before, so it's a must play!

Help Sonic pass The Doomsday Zone, now Remastered!

You, as Sonic, were left out in space. That's when he powered up to his yellow version, which gives him the power to fly in space. Yes, it's sort of like the Super Sayan mode from Dragon Ball Z!

Use the four arrow keys to fly in any direction in space. Avoid the meteorites and the rockets that are shot at you by Dr. Robotnik, because hitting them too much will cause you to lose. You're being timed, so try to survive for a long time.

Grab the space rings, get that high score!

To get points, you need the rings, like in most Sonic Games! Collect as many as you can from space, and increase your score. If you want to dash, press the spacebar.

Use dashing to smash through dangers, but know you can only use it for a limited time. As the obstacles fly faster at you, and the rockets too, improve upon your flying skills as well. How deep into the doomsday zone can you get? Play and find out!

How to play?

Use the arrows and the spacebar.

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