Space Strike: Galaxy Shooter

Space Strike: Galaxy Shooter

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Space Strike: Galaxy Shooter
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Space Strike: Galaxy Shooter Overview


Space Strike: Galaxy Shooter is going to be one of the best flying and shooting games online, a really popular genre in itself, which is now getting even better thanks to the fact you're flying spaceships, not airplanes, and you're doing it in space against aliens you have to defeat to stop them from invading our planet, all about which we will tell you right now, to make sure you're able to give your best!

Start the Space Strike and be the best Galaxy Shooter!

Use the arrow keys for moving, space to jump, and shift to use a speed boost. Shoot down each wave of enemy spaceships with aliens, and make sure they don't shoot or hit you too much since getting your health bar depleted means losing.

Instead, give your best to keep a distance, shoot them up, and then pick up coins and gems for points, using them for upgrades, and get boosters, defenses, and new weapons that might also appear in space, which you should also take full advantage of.

Start right now, only here, and don't stop for a second, since there are more action-heavy games you could be finding here, as all day we've got you covered!

How to play?

Use the arrows, space, and shift key.

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