Guardianx of the Galaxy Galactic run

Guardianx of the Galaxy Galactic run

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Guardianx of the Galaxy Galactic run
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Guardianx of the Galaxy Galactic run Overview


The Guardians of the Galaxy have a new mission: go on a galactic run! It's one of the best shooting games in the Marvel Games category! Peter, Gamora, and Drax are imprisoned on Planet Knowhere.

Only you with Groot and Rocket can save them! Let's blast through the enemies in front of their faces to save their friends! 

Defeat the evil as true Marvel superheroes!

Let's go on the Galactic Run with Guardians of the Galaxy!

Change lanes using W and S, or Up and Down. You will shoot using the mouse, aiming at the enemies. There are drones flying around, or squid monsters. You've got guards and aggressive inmates. Shoot them all up, and get a big score in return. Make sure to keep running!

If you hit enemies, get shot by them, or hit the barrels and obstacles too much, you lose your life. If your health bar depletes, you lose the game. Grab the green vials for a boost of energy and life force.

Make combos, and upgrade your firepower!

Shooting enemies in a row create combos, and that gives you extra points. At the same time, collect upgrades you find. For example, one of them allows you to shoot three beams of light, not just one. Some give you speed or give you the chance to deal bigger damage on your foes. Keep running, and shooting!

How to play?

Use the W/S or Up/Down keys and the Mouse.

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