Jelly Battle Online

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What is Jelly Battle Online?

Jelly Battle Online

Jelly Battle is here to represent one of the best new hypercasual fighting games 3D from our website in recent times, made even better by the fact that it features jelly stickmen as the character you control, as well as the foes you have to defeat, and more about that we will explain right now, so you can be confident in giving the game your best!

Can you win the Jelly Battle online?

Use the mouse or the WASD keys to move about the map, where you have to hit the orange jellies with the green one you control, and as you defeat them and pick up more green gel, use it to buy upgrades and level yourself up, adding more abilities that you can see, as well as damage power, strength, defense techniques, weapons, and more!

The more you survive, the more points you get, and you should try to see how far you can reach and how big you can make your jelly warrior, because the enemies will also become bigger, and in number, so it is not going to be an easy face-off for you all! Let's start, and don't hesitate to tell friends to come over for fun as well!

How to play?

Use the mouse or the WASD keys.

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