Battle Chess: Puzzle

Battle Chess: Puzzle

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Battle Chess: Puzzle
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Battle Chess: Puzzle Overview


Battle Chess: Puzzle is a hypercasual puzzle and fighting game in 3D, a game that is inspired by the likes of the most popular board game in the world, Chess, as the title suggests, but puts quite an interesting spin to it, also having merge elements all at the same time, so you have no excuse not to start playing it and enjoying it right now, we guarantee an absolute blast of a time!

Win the Battle Chess Puzzle through skill and dedication!

You play for the blue warriors on blue tiles, going up against the red ones on red tiles, and when you swipe tiles around, know that you swipe all of them, and all of them move, so make your moves according to that.

Attack soldiers that are on a tile with the same number as yours or smaller to defeat them, so that you get their number and improve in level, and do so until you have defeated all the red soldiers.

Now, if you have multiple soldiers on your blue tiles, try merging them together first by swiping them into one another, so that you get stronger before you go on the attack.

Repeat this process level after level, no matter how difficult they become, and have amounts of fun as only here is possible, with our amazing daily games!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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