Drawn Little Men Battle

Drawn Little Men Battle

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Drawn Little Men Battle
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Drawn Little Men Battle Overview


Drawn Little Men Battle is a new hypercasual puzzle game online with elements of shooting games, but this is more of a drawing game with logic elements as well, resulting in one of the best experiences we now want to see you have on our website in a way like never before, and we're going to teach you what to do right away, worry not, since we want you to win!

Win the Drawn Little Men Battle online!

The red stickman wants to shoot down the blue stickman, which will be you, so you need to defend it from that by using the mouse or touch controls to draw items around the sketchbook in such a way that when the red little man shoots, the bullets avoid your blue stickman, but instead bounces backs and hits the shooter.

That is how you win a level, and in each new one you have to do the same, only with a bit more difficulty put in the levels, so you need to figure out better ways to draw, always using your environment to your advantage, and the ink made available to you. If you die instead, retry the level.

Based on how you perform, you earn from one to three stars per level, and we hope to see you always getting 3/3. Good luck and the best we wish you, hoping to see you play even more of our games added here today already!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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