Jelly Run 2048

Jelly Run 2048

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Jelly Run 2048
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Jelly Run 2048 Overview


Jelly Run 2048 is going to be one of the best new hyper casual games online in 3D you can now play on our website both on computers or mobile devices, and we're sure that this combo of jellies, which are always fun to play with, and 2048, one of the biggest formats in the past few years, will result in one of the best times you can have here!

It's time to go on the Jelly Run 2048 online!

Use the mouse or finger directly on the screen to click/tap when you want the jellies to separate into two, which will mean the number on them also gets divided into two, and click again when you want to merge them to form their double.

Alternate between these movements to collect jellies of the same number from the road, also in the form of blocks, and by doing so, increase and double your number all the time.

The goal is to make a jelly as big as possible in its level in each new course while avoiding the traps, obstacles, and dangers that you will encounter along the way.

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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