Reload Rush

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What is Reload Rush?

Reload Rush

Reload Rush is a brand new hypercasual runner game with skill elements in 3D but made even better as it is one with guns and shooting all at the same time, so we are positive that all the boys that visit our website will now be able to find so many of the elements they know and love, and after we explain the game's format right now, we're sure you will be doing a great job!

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With the mouse or touch controls, you are going to move your ammo to pick up more on the road, as you need lots of bullets, and after you get your guns, you should move through the green gates to get more firepower, and double weaponry, and shoot through the obstacles at the end, because the further you shoot through them, the bigger your score becomes.

It's as simple as that, but each new level features a course more difficult than the last. Avoid the dangers and traps, when possible, but always collect more guns, ammo, and firepower to keep ahead of the curve!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.

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