Pet Party

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What is Pet Party?

Pet Party

Pet Party represents a hypercasual fighting game with animals in 3D, with a multiplayer aspect as well, which we highly recommend to each and every one from our website, knowing very well how awesome it is from our time with it, something we will now explain more about, so you can have just as much fun with it as we did!

Let's have fun and fight at the Pet Party online!

Use WASD to move and the mouse buttons to attack, as you get put into an arena with six other animals. The more fights you win, the more animals you can unlock for your skin to use.

Go around the map and try knocking down or throwing them off the arena before they do the same to you, and if you remain the final animal fighter on the grounds, you become the winner, of course.

The fights are intensive, of course, but really fun all at the same time, so begin right now, only here, and tell your friends about it too, so you might even end up fighting one another in the party arena of animals!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys and the mouse.

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