Thanksgiving Day Games

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What are Thanksgiving Day Games?

Holidays mean that kids get free time from school, and usually, adults get free time from work as well, which only means that more people are playing games, even online ones, and of course, kids would be interested in playing games that are matching the holiday they are currently in, which is why it is important to have categories for them here on Play-Games, where we are now delighted to have shared with you an important page such as Thanksgiving Day Games!

We’ve had these games here in the past, but they have been scattered all over the place, so now it is easier than ever to play new Thanksgiving Games online for free, and we assure you that only the best of them have been shared with you so far, and we will continue to do so! Now, in case you’re not American, which is where this holiday is celebrated, allow us to teach you more about it, so you can enjoy playing the content on this page even more!

The history and significance of Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day is a holiday celebrated usually during the month of November, and, just like Christmas, it is centered around family and friends, because families get back together in one place for this day, and have a traditional Thanksgiving Day turkey, and lots of other delicious food. They get together at a table, and, before eating, they make sure to share with the other ones what they are grateful for, giving thanks to those around them, which is why the holiday has this name.

Turkey is the iconic meat that is eaten during this holiday, and the recipe is usually that of a stuffed turkey, which is filled with all sorts of vegetables, other kinds of meat, and sauces, in order for it to be as delicious as possible, and then it is usually cooked inside an oven. It goes great with gravy, as well. There is also a tradition where the President of the USA comes out in front of the White House and pardons a Turkey, saving it from getting cut and ate, forever.

These are the traditions that surround this holiday, which comes as a form of celebration of the peace made between Native Americans and the invading British armies, which is how the current United States have started their formation. Pocahontas is a real-life person and fictional character from Disney which is an icon of this holiday, as the movie revolves around the first Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Day Games for kids to play

When it comes to games based on and around this holiday that you will find and play here for free, you can try Thanksgiving cooking games, where you try cooking the turkey yourselves, or you can play turkey hunting games where you go and hunt for it, and only then put it on the table.

There are also dress-up games here since ladies try to look their best during these holidays, like any other ones, or you can play puzzles, differences, hidden objects games, and more similar ones where you have images of this holiday in them.

Start the Thanksgiving online fun right now, and then celebrate with your family as well!