Snow Rider 3D

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What is Snow Rider 3D?

Snow Rider 3D

The best online winter games 3d of the internet are being added to our website day after day, which is why we are very happy that at this moment we can share with you the likes of Snow Rider 3D, certainly one of the best sleigh-riding games we've had so far, where you do it in first-person view, which is quite unique!

Become a snow rider in 3d, now better than ever!

Use the arrow keys to control your sleigh, and, as you go down the snowy mountain, you need to avoid all the snowmen, rocks, trees, and various other obstacles that have been put in your path, because the more distance you move forward, the bigger your score becomes.

If you want to improve your score even more so, try collecting the Christmas Gifts when you find them along the course. Now that you know how simple it is, nothing should hold you back from starting the fun right now, as only here you can have it!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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