Pokemon Life

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Pokemon Life
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What is Pokemon Life?

Pokemon Life

Pokemon Life is a fan-made hack version of Pokemon Red, where once again you are invited to enter this world of pocket monsters waiting for you to capture them, be their friend and trainer, but also use them in battles against other trainers in order to become the top fighter in the region!

Live a Pokemon Life online right now!

Learn your controls here, as you are playing on a computer, not a console:

  • ARROWS for directions
  • Z is A
  • X is B
  • A is L
  • S is R
  • Enter is Start
  • Backspace is Select

Walk around the region, capture pokemon with the pokeballs, and give your best to use them and defeat the trainers you meet, until you defeat the Elite Four of this region, who are the top trainers, and if you beat them all, you are the best one instead.

Of course, the more you evolve your monsters, the more powerful they are. Trainers go in turns selecting the attack they want to use, or using defensive techniques also, so alternate between them in order to take the upper hand against your foes and deplete their health bar first to win. Enjoy, good luck, and catch them all!

How to play?

Use the arrows, enter, and backspace keys, but also Z, X, A, S.

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