Pokemon Spooky Spotlight

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What is Pokemon Spooky Spotlight?

Pokemon Spooky Spotlight

Spooky Spotlight is going to be one of the best new Pokemon Games online, and it might have a Halloween theme, and we're in the summer when we are writing this, but the game is great all-around the year, we promise, and a fun time to have, which is what we will now explain, making sure that you are able to give it your very best!

Use the Spooky Spotlight to find all the Pokemon!

The goal is quite simple: with your flashlight you need to try and spot as many of the Pokemon before the time runs out, in order to get a big score in return, keeping it on the pocket monsters to earn more points. As you discover new kinds of them, you get to add them to your battery life.

Ghost-type Pokemon appear as well, and they give you no points, so avoid them, because, even worse, they drain your battery. If you want some extra points, though, light up that candy. Now that you understand the premise and format, be confident to start playing the game, and maybe try out more games with Pokemon online, directly from your browsers, only here!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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