Bearsus: Bear Knuckle Fighting

Bearsus: Bear Knuckle Fighting

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Bearsus: Bear Knuckle Fighting
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Bearsus: Bear Knuckle Fighting Overview


Bearsus: Bear Knuckle Fighting is one of the games we are most proud to be sharing with you on our website right now, as we're talking about a 2 player fighting game online with the best graphics, the easiest gameplay, and one of the most unique concepts, as we're talking about giving you the chance to fight with bears against one another, in a way you've never done before, which is why we will now explain it!

Play Bearsus and do some Bear Knuckle Fighting online in 2 players!

There are going to be no movements for you to make that are not attacking, as you can either attack towards the left or towards the right, using the A, D keys for one player, and the Left, Right Arrows for the second one, or using any of them alternatively if you are playing solo against the computer.

To win the match, simply hit your opponent more times than they hit you, and make sure that you deplete their health bar first, before they can do the same to you first, in which case you're the loser.

It's all that fun and exciting, so we hope to see you start this amazing new experience right now, and then share it with friends, since the more are playing the game, the better it is for everyone!

How to play?

Use A, D, Left, Right.

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Author: ARF Game Studio

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