Flip Master

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What is Flip Master?

Flip Master

If doing trampoline jumps is something you love doing in real life, we’re positive you will also love having the same experience, only in an online game, which is the reason why right now you are playing Flip Master, where you get to go crazier than in real life, since you will be able to do stunts and flips that in real life you can’t, and shouldn’t, so you would not get hurt!

It is a great-looking game of high-quality, where you can jump on different trampolines, such as one in your backyard, at the school’s gym, at the trampoline park, at the gym, or the circus. Try to go from one location to another, and at all the locations break your own records all the time, while also taking part in competitions.

When you start, you can only be one character, called The Dude, but other ones will be unlocked after you progress, such as The Dudette, Big Dave, or The Ninja. Using your points you can train them and make them better flippers, as you keep improving their statistics and features, such as jump power, tuck power, confidence, balance, and centering.

You can also go to the shop and buy new outfits for your characters. With your coins, you can also buy powerups, like coin magnet, superspin, super jump, super push, or a safety net. To make your jumps, just fall on the trampoline, and while in the air, hold the mouse button to make spins, and the more of them you make, the more coins you get.

Become the trampoline’s champion, giving it your best to conquer all the trampolines and break your own records!

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How to play?

use the mouse