Flip Hero 3D

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What is Flip Hero 3D?

Flip Hero 3D

Welcome to Flip Hero 3D, which is here because gymnastics games online in 3D have become more and more popular, as it seems, even more, those where you have to do a lot of virtual backflips, which is great, since doing one in real life can be dangerous, but in online gaming, you can take it to an extreme and have an amazing time!

Become the Flip Hero of the internet!

Hold the mouse button to start jumping, and release it to make it, while then holding it again to rotate into the air, because the more flips you do and circles, the more points you earn. You have a requirement of tasks you need to complete per level to clear it, so jump accordingly.

Make sure not to fall on anything else of your body except your legs, because if that happens, you will have ruined the whole jump and routine, losing and having to start again from scratch. We want to wish you simply the best, and we now hope to see more of you here!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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