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Flip Divers

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Flip Divers
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Flip Divers Overview


Welcome to Flip Divers, a skill and sports game online in 3D that we are now very happy to be able to get to share with you for free on our website, as we're talking about a game that allows you to do some amazing tricks as you drop into the water, without fearing any real-life injury, and it also allows you to do things that would not even be possible in real life, no doubt!

Be the most agile Flip Divers online right now!

Before you start, know that your first available skin is called The Diver, and as you progress through the game, you can unlock other characters as well:

  • Big Dave
  • Businessman
  • Bodybuilder
  • Florence
  • Basketball Diver
  • Karate Diver
  • Ninja Diver
  • Surfer Diver
  • Holiday Diver
  • Senior Diver
  • Teddy Costume
  • Safety Suit
  • Penguin Mascot
  • Astronaut Diver
  • Santa Diver
  • Clown Diver
  • Zombie Diver
  • Bunny Diver

That's quite a lot, right? Well, that is just one of the things that make this game a must-play for you all, and if you are really dedicated to it, you will unlock all of them, no doubt at all!

There are also a few maps and diving spots, in addition to the starting one:

  1. The Giant Tree
  2. The Stadium Tower
  3. The Lighthouse
  4. Hot Air Balloon
  5. The Castle
  6. Lakeshore
  7. Deep Cliff
  8. The Waterfall
  9. The Tugboat
  10. Old Harbor
  11. The Yacht
  12. The Offices

The Frontflip is the first trick that is made available to you, but other ones can also be unlocked:

  • Frontflip Pike
  • Backflip
  • Frontflip Bomb
  • Backflip Bomb

Hold the left mouse button to prepare your angle, and then release it to jump into the water, and then click again to make flips in the air, making sure that you dive with your feet first, because otherwise, you've flopped the dive. Along the way, try to also dive into the coins in the air to unlock all the neat stuff we told you about here.

Let's begin all this fun right now and here, as only here is made possible, and we truly hope to see more of you here, and playing more of our great games!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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