Extreme Flip

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What is Extreme Flip?

Extreme Flip

Extreme Flip is here for all the fans of acrobatics who don't want to injure themselves in real life because through this game you can make some of the craziest jumps ever, no doubt about it, and have as much fun as only here is possible, hence why sharing the game with everyone was important to us, just like it is important for you to play it!

Can you do one Extreme Flip after another?

Tap the screen and hold to start jumping in the air, and if you want to rotate, you can release and then hold again, movements that you have to combine with one another to make as many flips in the air as possible since that is how you earn the most points out of the level.

You should also try to flip in such a way that you can get through the coins and have them collected. As you advance and do better, you will get the chance of flipping and jumping from higher places, but know that each time you crash instead of landing, you lose a life, and if you lose three lives, you also lose the game.

Good luck, enjoy and don't stop here for a second, we've got plenty more amazing games to come, we promise!

How to play?

Use the mouse.


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