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Toastelia Overview


Toastelia is the newest restaurant opened up by Papa Louie, where you get to cook toast sandwiches. The mechanics, gameplay, and visual identity is going to be changed quite a lot from the other entries in this series, like Papa's Wingeria, for example. Don't worry, we've already finished all our shifts working for the food shop, so we can now give you proper training!

Feed all the people at your Toastelia online!

Customers will come to the table in front of you, and through images, they will show you what kind of sandwich they want. Of course, two pieces of bread is the most common order, and between them, there can be lots of other ingredients:

  • ketchup, mayo, or mustard
  • lettuce, tomatoes, pickles
  • cheeses
  • of course, meats: chicken, beef, pork, salami, and more!

From the top of the screen, you can navigate your kitchen's cupboard and fridges to pick up the ingredients and place them on the sandwich in the correct order. After the assembling of the sandwich has been done, you need to toast it.

Everyone here wants their sandwiches warm, so put them in the toast machine, and then wait for the meter to get into the green zone. Frying up the sandwich too long or too little means you're making the order wrong, don't do it!

Good sandwiches make for good tips!

Each day you have a target of customers you have to serve the food to, so try to accomplish it, so that you earn three out of three stars. Of course, you also get money, as you're running a business, but if you work fast, you might get some tips too!

Don't leave people waiting for food too much, they will leave. If you get wrong orders or take too long too many times, you might be fired, and no one wants that, right?

Make that plate bigger!

For many people, a toast sandwich is not enough for their breakfast. That's why through the game you learn to cook side dishes like fries, rice, or vegetables. These will go down even better if you sell them a soda, a coffee, a tea, or a lemonade as well. The more you work at the restaurant, the more things you learn how to cook! Desserts? Yes, we've got them!

Service working has never been more fun, so start right now!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

Tips & Tricks

  • Try to remember the favorite orders of customers to make them faster!
  • On the right you get the check note with the recipe you need to make, watch it closely!

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Flipline Studios

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