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Jacksmith Overview


Join Jacksmith, a weapon maker, a real blacksmith. Set in a fantasy world, the warriors going on adventures can be pigs, donkeys, and other animals. You need to make them the best swords, arrows, and hammers so that they can defeat any and all the enemies they encounter along the way.

This game is similar to cooking games, except you create weapons instead of food.

Become the realm's best Jacksmith online!

As your customers approach your stall, they will ask for swords, daggers, armor, arrows, hammers, helmets, and other items made of steel, copper, bronze, gold, and other materials.

Follow the on-screen instructions to melt the materials, pour them out in the shape they need to be made, and then throw cold water on them to make them stick. To finish them, beat them with a hammer until they are smooth.

Add other parts of the weapon, such as the helm, their cap, or other accessories. Ensure every sword, axe, or shield is perfectly designed and looks good. Just as a true blacksmith and weapon maker would.

What a typical day in the life of a blacksmith looks like

Every day, you will expect more soldiers eager to go to war. After you take command of them, continue crafting:

  • choose the type of weapon the soldier wants
  • choose a metal such as copper, bronze, gold, crystal
  • melt everything and make a big fire
  • using a hammer, beat the metal until it molds into the desired shape
  • attach each accessory precisely
  • if everything comes out ok, finalize the order and wait for the customer's verdict, which will consist of forging, hammering, handle

After each day you'll be able to walk alongside the soldiers whose swords you made. Collect materials that fall from enemies.

How to play?

Use the mouse and follow the on-screen instructions.

Tips & Tricks

  • After each day, purchase new materials to craft new weapons
  • If a weapon did not turn out well for you, redo it; otherwise, you will receive a bad review that will affect your score


What happens if I make a bad weapon in Jacksmith?
You will have to redo it, which will consume your resources.

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