The Best Love Test Ever

The Best Love Test Ever

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The Best Love Test Ever
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The Best Love Test Ever Overview


If in the other tasks you could have chosen if you pick up your name to use as the one who tries this game and a random name, there, you must your name because there is not a blank space which indicates to you to write any name, there, but your name in the first space and in the other one, the name of your crush, or the other person, who you would like to be with or you have a crush on. Judging by the title of this game, you shouldn't get bored because according to it, this is the greatest love test ever, but you are going to decide it though. Let's find out if this game is that good or not and start this challenge as soon as it is possible.

Write down the two necessary names and make sure that this way you'll be ready to calculate. Click on Calculate in order to find out which type of love do you have and the percentage of your love and under the final result, there will appear some pieces of advice for you, or for the chosen and compared pair, to use in their possible relationship, judging by the number of the percentage, either it is high or low. Let's start now and waste no time!

The game design is quite simple, but being a girls game is based on women's favorite colors, respectively, red, pink, blue, and as the graphics everything seems broken from fairy tales, because on the border you will see roses growing from bottom up, and the top of the game are full of roses that inspire love and happiness impregnated with this game. The two bluebirds that fly right in the middle of the game symbolize the two people trying to mate, respectively you with your future partner.

After you enter the names of the people you want to check you will have to click on the "Calculate" button, after which you will notice that in the middle of the screen will appear a large rose from which the petals will fall one at a time, which symbolizes the flower of do not forget, a romantic flower.

Author: mygames4girls, gamesxl
Published Date: November 2013
Game Type: Flash
Game Mode: Single Player, typing
Languages: French, German, Spanish, English
Game Music: yes;


How to play?

Use the mouse

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