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Love Tester Overview


Do you remember the old Love Testers you would play in arcades, in the corner of stores, or on the counter of an old dive bar? Well, those love testers have become ancient history, but the concept of testing love does not have to end with the decline of old Love Tester machines. Love Tester is just one of a handful of free love testing games available to play on Free-Games. It is time to see if true love is within reach with Love Tester. 

Love Tester Gameplay 

If you are familiar with the concept of love testers, then you should not be surprised by how the Love Tester game works. When you start Love Tester, you are prompted to enter two names. There is no science behind the love tester, and it might not matter what order you put the names in. You could try swapping the names around, but the score that you get is the score that you get. 

When the Love Tester starts, enter the two names you want to use so the game can calculate the love. First, enter the name of the first person, then enter the name of the second person. Once you have entered both names, then it is time to start the love calculation. It might take a minute for the Love Tester to calculate, but you will receive a score pretty quickly. 

If you get a score different than the one you wanted, then you can check different variations of the names. Try putting the second name first and the first name second. You can also try using your last names to see if you can get a higher score. When you are playing Love Tester, you might not get the score you want, but there is one thing to keep in mind when playing the gamer: True love cannot be calculated. 

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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