Cut for Imposter

22.02.2022 2.902 33 votes

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What is Cut for Imposter?

Cut for Imposter

Cut for Imposter is our latest addition over to the Among Us Games category, and it is one of the first cut the rope games online that has ever been added into it, resulting in a really interesting and fun combination you would not want to be missing out on for anything in the world because you would only be missing out on tons of fun!

Cut the rope for the imposter to eat!

Candy is being held by rope, one or multiple of them, and you have to figure a way to cut the ropes so that the candy falls inside the mouths of the impostors down below. If the candy falls down somewhere else, the level is lost, and each of the thirty levels gets progressively more difficult, so your strategies should improve as well.

If you can also make it so that the candy moves through the three stars and collects them before reaching the impostor, even better, since you can get from one to three stars per level, so we hope that you will always be aiming for 3/3. Good luck and all the best we wish you all, inviting you to stick around for more amazing content after this game as well!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.