We're Impostors: Kill Together

We're Impostors: Kill Together

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We're Impostors: Kill Together
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We're Impostors: Kill Together Overview


We're Impostors: Kill Together is a game where already from the title you can realize that it is going to be one of the best Among Us Games online, and that is because it combines elements of puzzle-adventure games with that of the insane and crazy fun of assassination, all with some of the best graphics that this category has ever seen!

Impostors that kill together, stay together, let's begin!

In each level you assume control of Red and Blue, but not at the same time, as you switch between the characters using the CTRL key. Each of them is armed with a knife, and they can only attack and kill crewmates of the same color, so change between them to assassinate appropriately.

To move you will use the right and left arrow keys, the up one to jump, and just go next to your target to slice them up. Work together so that you push levers that open doors, stand on buttons that remove platforms, turn the lights on for one another, and do other things that you need to finish each level.

The levels are only done when all the crewmates have been killed, and each new level will take you to a more complicated part of the spaceship, but solving the dilemmas will be more fun that way.

You will earn coins, of course, and you can use them to buy new skins, weapons, or other cool stuff and upgrades! Let's start the killing spree of the impostors right now, and make sure to further check out the category, it is filled with gems!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys, mouse.

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