Kill impostors

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Kill impostors
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What is Kill impostors?

Kill impostors

It's a great day to Kill impostors, which is the name of the best new Among Us game online for free we offer you right now on our website, a game that gives you the chance to kill as many of these evil astronauts as you can, in a game where your focus and skills with the mouse are going to be paramount!

How many impostors can you kill?

On top of the screen, there is a huge hammer, and when you click on the screen or tap you will have it descend to the floor, so try timing it so that it hits the many impostors that run beneath it. That is how you kill them, and you should aim to kill as many of them as possible if you want a big score.

If you let them get away and they run from you without getting smashed, you lose a life, and losing all three lives means losing the game. To get new lives, hit the heart bonuses when they come by, and to slow down time hit the clock bonuses when they are underneath you. Impostors come and go at various speeds, so timing is key.

Good luck, we wish you tons of fun, as it's the case with this category always, and we hope that you stick around for more fun to come!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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