Pack the House: Parking Packers

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Pack the House: Parking Packers
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What is Pack the House: Parking Packers?

Pack the House: Parking Packers

Come back to the House of Mouse Games series with Pack the House: Parking Packers, which is Level 3 in this series of games sprawling quite a lot of entries, and we're sure that you will love this one a lot, as it is one of the very few parking games online this series has had, so it's a guaranteed must play!

Help Mickey and the Parking Packers to Pack the House!

As clients come with their cars, drag Max over to them so that he can get inside the vehicles. Use the mouse to drag the car around the lot, doing so in order to put each car in the spot with the same color as it.

Don't forget to take the key and properly put it away, and when clients are leaving, take their cars and drag them back towards the exit, so that they get inside and then go back home, as they're done partying.

It's as simple as that, so starting this game right now is certainly something we hope to see you do, and, afterward, you can never know what surprises might appear!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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