Sushi Go Round

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What is Sushi Go Round?

Sushi Go Round

Sushi Go Round is one of the best restaurant-serving games to have now been added into our category of Miniclip Games, as they were the ones who produced this masterpiece, and we're now happy to offer you this game here free to play and unblocked, where you're about to have simply the best time ever, guaranteed!

Make the Sushi Go Round to all the customers in your restaurant!

Customers come and tell you an order of Sushi they want, so look it up in the book of Sushi Recipes, and then pick out the same ingredients for it, put them on the roller, and then click on it to make the sushi, which will go on the moving area and reach your customer, who then rewards you with money, and will surely come back for seconds soon.

Watch out for the moods of your clients, since getting them their food too late is bad, and not only might you lose their patronage in the future, as well as their money in the present, but if too many people leave unhappy from your restaurant, you might lose the game then and there, as your one week trial as a sushi chef will end then and there. Let's go!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.