Tom & Jerry - Mousetrap Pinball

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What is Tom & Jerry - Mousetrap Pinball?

Tom & Jerry - Mousetrap Pinball

Cute Tom & Jerry bring you a new game for you. Let's play a nice game together, with the specific traps installed by Tom.

The game is simple to play. Your goal is to keep the pinball ball in the game as much as possible so that you get the final score as high as possible. Use the left and right arrows to throw the ball on the model when they reach the game flippers. With the arrow down you will throw the ball at the start of the competition. Be careful, because it is possible for the ball to fall into a trap with a net where you will not be able to take it.

The game is part of the Arcade category and is a simple game, where you can show your true abilities in front of your friends. Play together and you will have fun. You also have the opportunity to play this game inspired by Tom & Jerry cartoons. We all know that Tom has my good traps when it comes to the beloved mouse Jerry.

Have fun.

How to play?

use the arrows

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