The Tom and Jerry Show Find It

The Tom and Jerry Show Find It

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The Tom and Jerry Show Find It
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The Tom and Jerry Show Find It Overview


If you like hidden objects games as well as Cartoonito's Tom and Jerry show, you are in luck, since right at this moment you're given the chance to play a game that combines the both of them, proving once again why it is always a good idea to hang around our website, since we're always bringing you the best there is out there!

Find it with Tom and Jerry!

On the screen, there will be various characters from the show floating around, and on the left side you see the one that you have to identify, and, when you do, click/tap on it, simple as that! Only then do you advance to the next stage, where another character needs to be discovered.

In further levels, you are given two characters, but only one is among the group, so only click on the one that you find, as you develop your observation skills further. It's as simple as that, so begin right now, only here, and then stick around to see what other daily games are to come today for you all!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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