Tom and Jerry Run

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What is Tom and Jerry Run?

Tom and Jerry Run
Jerry has to run away from Tom once again and you need to help him! You need to help him avoid the obstacle he will face in the kitchen. There are 3 rows you can switch between to avoid obstacles. Jerry can also jump and duck to avoid specific obstacles.

There are multiple types of obstacles. Some chairs can be jumped over or ducked under. Some chairs have their feet blocked by books so you cannot duck under them, failing the stage if doing so. Some tables don't allow you to jump, failing the stage if you hit them.

On the stage, you will also find cheese that you can collect. The cheese can be used to upgrade power-ups. The power-ups available in the game are:
  • The magnet attracts all cheese to your location.
  • Slow-motion that slows time down for a limited time.
  • The helmet protects you from obstacles.
The helmet can be purchased with cheese and gives you protection and then it disappears. Depending on how upgraded it is, you will get more helmets per stage. The magnet if upgraded will attract cheese for a longer period of time. The slow-motion upgrades slow time down for longer as well.

How to play?

Use the ARROW or WASD keys to move. On mobile swipe.

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