Bandit Munchers

Bandit Munchers

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Bandit Munchers
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Bandit Munchers Overview


Bandit Munchers is here to make all our fans of Tom and Jerry Games online really happy because we know that this is one of the website's most visited and charming series, and now you have another game where this cat and mouse are messing with one another because of food, which is the reason of their fights most of the time.

Become Bandit Munchers with Tom and Jerry!

Nibbles is in the pantry and dropping food for Jerry, with you having to help him catch it, so drag the mouse left and right using the mouse, of course, catching as much food as you can, which increases your score when done properly. Depending on the kind of food you get different amounts of points:

  • Cheese - 1pt
  • Gelatin - 2pts
  • Cookie - 3pts
  • Cake - 4pts

If you're not missing pieces of food in between one another, you get multipliers, so focus and get them! Tom also drops stuff, such as balls, cups, or mousetraps, so make sure to avoid them, because they stun Jerry.

You can go endlessly, as long as the meter does not run out, which happens when you lose food. Grab strawberries to regain health in the meter and keep munching on food and have fun with your favorite characters in the world of cartoons!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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