Cheese Dash

Cheese Dash

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Cheese Dash
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Cheese Dash Overview


Cheese Dash is here to bring some new life into our beloved category of Tom and Jerry Games online, which we know is an all-time-classic, just like the show it is based upon, which is why we would never miss an opportunity to bring you new and amazing content in it just like we are doing right at this moment!

It's time to go on a Cheese Dash with Tom and Jerry!

Help Jerry navigate the underneath and hidden places of the house, where cheese is spread all around, and collect it all by the time you reach the end of the course if you wish to earn 3/3 stars.

Along the way there are holes from which Jerry can catch you, so make sure to avoid them, as well as any other kinds of mousetraps that have been put around for you.

If you collect the cheese and get to the other side unharmed, you clear the level and a more difficult one awaits you next, but also more fun at the same time, that we can confidently promise you!

You have a limited number of steps you can take per level, so make sure not to run out of them, so always think before you move. Good luck, and we hope you invite your friends to play this wonderful new addition just as well!

How to play?

Use the arrows.


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