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What are Sunny Day Games?

Sunny Day Games is one of the newest categories appeared lately on our site, a category full of games for girls and boys of all ages, that are going to test your skills, for example attention, agility, creativity and so on many others. each game requires a different set of skills. For example the first game from Sunny Day Games category is a coloring game and there you need in the first place attention and patience because if you hurry you can ruin the images and in the second place you need creativity in order to find the right colors for each part of the images. You are going to color images with the heroes from the show: Sunny, Doodle, Timmy, Blair, Rox and so on many others. From the right side of the screen you have to chose in the first place an image and then you will get the colors for it. There are a lot of colors so you do not have to worry about anything. In the game you have the chance to save the images in the end if you are satisfied with the final result. If you are not you should restart the game and color the images in a different way. I am sure you can make a great job if you focus. This is just the first game from Sunny Day Games category and there are many more coming. If you enjoyed the first game you can give us a like and we will be very happy to know that you appreciate our work. We will do our best to bring you more Sunny Day Games here on our site, the best site in the country with games for girls and boys. Every day we are going to have ten new games at least and new categories will come weekly here on, I am sure you will not get bored and all the players will find games on their taste. In Sunny Day Games category you will get all kind of challenges with Sunny and her friends from the show. The Sunny Day Games category is inspired from a Nickelodeon animated television series which has in foreground a hairstylist. I am sure you will love the main character because she is nice, talented, persistent and she likes helping others. In the show she works all day at the hair salon that she owns but she has also all kind of adventures outside with her friends. She uses her skills to solve problems, to help people from the city and to stop the villains. There are some bad guys, for example a man who tries to catch all the dogs from the neighborhood. He does not care if the dog is just lost, he will catch it and take it at a shelter where the dogs are kept locked in cages. Several times Sunny and his friends stop this bad guy catching dogs from the streets. Sunny is lucky to have such good friends because they make a great team and together they can solve any problem. Another bad character is Lacey, a girl who would do everything to win all the time, especially at beauty contests. She is ready to lie, cheat or sabotage other participants. Sunny has to think all the time at a plan to stop Lacey from her evil plans. In her salon works also Blair, a smart girl who is the receptionists. She has a tablet all the time where she keeps all the notices, all the appointments for the salon. She is useful to Sunny and they are good friends too. Rox is there to dye the hair for the customers and her hair has a lot of colors created by her in the laboratory. In the salon you will always see Doodle, Sunny`s talking dog and best friend. They have a great time together all the time and nothing can separate them. Timmy is a guy who is in love with Sunny. He always tries to talk with her but he does not know what to say. I think you will appreciate this category with Sunny and her friends and you will do your best to play all the games .