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What are Alpha and Omega Games?

Alpha and Omega is an animated movie produced by Crest Animation Productions, in 3D. The film, appeared for the first time in 2D and 3D, on 17 September 2010 after which was followed by continuing, Alpha and Omega2: A howl-iday Adventure which was first broadcast in 8 October 2013. The film has continued with part 3 Alpha and Omega3: The Legend of the Saw Tooth Cave that appeared on 23 September 2014 and with the fourth part Alpha and Omega: Family Vacation, which was published in 4 August 2015. Other three parts of the film are already in the plans of the producers. The story that the film shows, has proved to be a success in the whole world, being broadcast in more than 2,652 cinemas around the world. Now, the site presents new Alpha and Omega games, in wich the heroes will be the wonderful characters of the movie. The film present a story of packs of wolves, who have habits and different rules from pack to pack. This difference in dietary patterns is the reason for which all wolves clans are in a conflict. In one of these clans, it comes out Kate, a young and courageous wolf. This is the daughter of Alpha`s leader, who is leading the pack of wolves from Est. Her father, starts to teach her how to be able to defend themselves against the rivals clans. In the meantime, her father decides to married Kate with Garth, the son of driver Alpha pack with the West. The marriage is made for interest, planned to ensure peace between the two clans. Kate, being increased after strict rules by her father, supports this marriage even if she doesn`t love Garth. But one day, Kate is rape of her reserve, along with Humphrey by some caregivers of reserve and have been taken to Idaho, in a national park. Humphrey is a werewolf, who is part of the clan Omega and who lives only for fun and friends. For this reason Kate is not allowed to be closer with Humphrey, even if she only wants him friendship. When they reached the park, the two meet Marcel and Paddy, which later will help them to get rid of that place. Meanwhile at home, everyone was looking for Kate, and Garth`s father declared war if Kate does not occur until the next full moon. In her absence, Lilly,Kate`s younger sister, approached harder to Garth to support him in the disappearance of his future wife. At last Kate and Humphrey manage to escape and begin to seek out the way home and together are starting a real adventure. Being so long together and passing through all sorts of adventures and obstacles the two fall in love. Kate, however, is with the thought of the marriage that is waiting her at home, and she wants to get as soon as possible to not disappoint her father. After a long and tiring road, the two manage to get home where everyone waited for Kate impatiently. Because they arrived home shortly before the wedding, our Kate is sent at once to the place where the wedding takes place. In the middle of the ceremony, Kate decided to declare her love for Humphrey in front of all over the world, refusing the marry with Garth. In his turn Garth say it between him and Lilly has created a close link so the two are a couple now. In the end, the Alpha`s West boy married with Alpha`s Est girl, and clans managed to make peace like than expected. Into the following parts of the film, the family remains unchanged, and Omega clan is joined with Alpha because of love of Humphrey and Kate. This story full of adventure, love, comedy and drama has reached also in the Alpha and Omega games on, because we are trying to bring you as much as we can your favorite stories along with your favorite characters. If you decide you don't like our new games and find other Alpha and Omega games on which we do not have published please tell us immediately to resolve the problem.