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What are Annedroids Games?

Anne Sagan is the main character from the incredible TV series from Disney, named Annedroids, where the science meets amusement and nothing else but total fun and interesting stuff could result from this awesome and pretty awkward situation. This category is meant to train your brain but also to entertain yourself with some special tips about the science and the nice things that it could offer to you, if you pay enough attention to it. The things are not actually simple, but once you've joined, you must become an addict! As I've started to say, Anne Sagan is a 11-year-old genius girl, who has a single goal in her life: to spread the science's fame among the people around her and not only, even to you, those ones who watch her or interact with her by playing or this kind of things, which are available for you from now, in this special category of games, meant to make you wanna find out more and more things about science! Anne has figured out since her teen age, how to create her own androids, and this is something really impressive and everything has been realized because of science. Anne has a couple of significant friends, as any genius in the world, but her circle of friends is not that wide, because she knows how to choose her mates since now. So Nick and Shania are Anne's best friends, having so much fun and doing so many incredible things alongside her! There are some characters important for Anne's friends, like Maggie Clegg, Nick's mother who is also a reporter and she may help the kids by promoting their stuff and of course, another important character for Anne is Wilbert Sagan, Anne's father. Ada Turing is the bad guy is it would be a kind of classification but not all the time, of course. Ada tries to always doubt about Anne's creations and hers huge potential but the reality hits her at some point. Charlie Cassini is one of Nick's science class mates and he has the luck to have even his mother as science teacher, Ms Cassini, who is Nick and Charlie's teacher and Charile's mother. This is a kind of distribution so the characters are so complexe but the main one is definitely Anne. Being only 11-year-old, she has already created three androids! The first one is simple named Hand. Hand is a creepy looking creature, so huge and big able to lift even a car with his incredible power! He looks pretty strange, having three different legs and a single arm in the top side of the android's body. Eyes is the second Anne's android, created even by the little girl herself, just like the other ones so Eyes is the smallest one, but still the fastest. It has the ability to record anything, because it is equipped with a kind of special eye camera, and it moves with a wheel and four kind of little arms, in order to help it keep the balance. Its camera has a three objective visual microscope and of course, binoculars. It is able to see absolutely anything in its interest and of course, in Anne's! The third android built up by Anne is Pal, who is the one who seems to be a human, or at least it is more like a human than the other ones. He is smart, agile and he's got a great ability of running so fast! He always puts questions because he has a speech and like the other ones, is next to Anne all the time. Now that you know all of these and you got used with the characters from the follwing adventure, let's try to adventures themselves, playing uncountable kinds of games in this special category, Annedroids, solving science tasks, logical challenges and of course, sometimes even your insight is tested in order to be observed your IQ! Good luck and let's have some scientific fun alongside Anne and her androids!