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What are Bernard Games?

Bernard Games is another game that you have to be doing everything that you really like and manage to finish every single level from it without any problems at all. Gather all the information about our new super category that you need to be finishing over here and behave in the best position ever because that is the main thing that you really need to be doing. We are sure that if you know everything about our characters then you would never finish anything else in here. Behave just fine and create all the things that really matter over here because we want to see if you would be able to help our beautiful bear all the times. Show us if we would be able to be doing everything that we really like and so on benard could be as happy as possible. Behave so nice and create your best scenarious that you could be doing in here. Manage to show us that you really like bernard and so on you could never get lost because otherwise anything worse is going to be occuring in here. Share your best results that could be happening in there and let us know how have you dealt with every difficult situation that we have put you through. Share every detail in such rush that you are not going to be able to win all the details in the best position ever. We are hoping that you would try all the bernard games and that you would like each one of them as it was for the first time that you could be playing them so fast with no problem at all. Make us proud. Well, it has come the time that we would tell you more about our beloved category and so you could know who are you going to deal with and everything that he likes to be doing every single time over and over again. We are going to start with the main character over here. His name is Bernard and he is some sort of a bear that always tries to do things that are around the house but he gets annoyed really fast. Let's say he wants to go ice skating, but something bad happens and he ends up getting really angry and cursing at everything in his way. We are sure that it is looking really funny if you take it like that. Prepare for the things that truly matter in here and share us every detail that you could be doing all the times in here. He is showing himself in some cartoon network serie that lasts only like 3 minutes an episode, but we are sure that it would make you feel incredibly amused. He is going to be appearing in each episode, but with some other characters as well. His biggest enemy is one sly wizard that manages to get everything done so that he would never win anything that he wanted at first. That is the moment when he gets angry and tries to go after the lizard, but he ends up even more dissapointed and foolish in fronf of everyone. Zack, the lizard is kind of evil and manages to get bernard really angry and out of his mind. There are going to be others like the two penguins or even santa claus sometimes, but bernard is not able to get with them in those places because it is the best thing that you have to be doing over here really fast and without any problems at all. Show us what are you up to and figure out all the details so that it cannot be a failure. There is a dog as well that appeares in the serie who is called Goliath. He is also really funny and tries to play with bernard, but in the end he cannot get over these situations because we are sure that only in this way we would win it so fast that you could not even imagine it. Share us all the things that you are going to be doing in here and never get lost. Prepare for something that is with yourself and get ready because bernard is ready for you. Try all these cartoon network games because it is really funny and you would never get into it like that. We want to believe if you would be determinating all the things from here so fast that we would never fail it like that. Good luck.