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What are Best Friends Whenever?

Best Friends Whenever is a new category that you really have to be playing on our site and try to figure out all the details that you can be playing a lot over and over again and never fail in any way because that is what a true person would really be doing from time to time. What you really have to be doing in this category is start playing and try to determine all the levels until the end and become a really good friend to everyone if you can determine all the stuff from over and over again. We are sure that you can be helping these best friends and determine them to see everything in the right possible way. Gather everything so fast that nothing bad could be happening because we are sure to seek for all the details in which you can truly manage to determine all the stuff from there. Gather all the details and start playing along with these best friends because they are going to be there for you every single time and you cannot fail because that is what a loser is going to be doing every time. Move over and over again because otherwise you would not be doing everything around there like the others. What you have to be doing is to win the games like in every category on our site, but what is the most important thing over here is that you need to read all the instructions that we are going to be giving you and try to make sure to understand them, because if you do not then we cannot assure you that you can see through everything around there. Move on over and over again and show us what can these best friends make over here because otherwise you won't be able to become the best at it. Prepare yourself to become the best at it and learn about our characters. If you really want to know what is happening in this category then we suggest you to stay here and try to finish everything that would be happening over here from time to time. The story goes after two girl teenagers that are really good friends and spend most of the time together doing fun stuff, just like normal persons. One day everything goes in the wrong way as you may not expect it because we cannot be sure that you would really be winning. These best friends are going to be into some bad ended lab experiment. The results of this experiment was that they would be able to travel through time without controlling them. Make us believe that nothing bad could really occur over there from time to time and assure us that you can do only good things. These best friends would do anything but to travel through time after a while, because they have gotten bored of it and cannot control it so it got them really nervous and could not manage to understand all the things about it. Their names's are Shelby and Cyd. If you want to know more is that Cyd is the brunette one and Shelby the blonde one. They both like to do the things in common and never get appart. They are going to be helped by a teenager genious called Berry who is ready for everything that you were about to do over and over again. Help our best friends so that you cannot fail in any of these matters. Gather all the informations that you really need and start playing along with these characters over and over again, because they would really enjoy it to. They want badly to escape from that world and you have to be there for them and manage to understand all the stuff that you could really be doing a lot of times. These best friends are going to be all over the place and you can be helping them a lot and never get lost. The Best Friends Whenever category is one of the best and in which you are going to be doing all the stuff that you really like in order for everyone not to fail because that is what you would be doing all the times on our site. Try all of the games that we would offer you and never back us down because we cannot accept failure over here. You must try harder and harder until you can really be winning. Do not forget to give us a like and try to show us that you have enjoyed the time over here. We expect some feedback so do not hesitate to give us a comment with a personal opinion.