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What are My Big Big Friend Games?

Each of the three children has a very high imagination. Adults or other children can not see these friends' imagination, but only Yuri, Lili, and I can see Matt. The group leader is Yuri, a boy of five years who is brilliant, intelligent, and happy. It has a vivid imagination and always finds the best solutions for problems. He is only a child, so he is sometimes selfish with his friends but often demonstrates that he is a true friend. Yuri's imaginary friend is Golias, a giant blue elephant who likes to play outside, do acting, and dress in all kinds of clothes. Lili is a lovely girl of about six years, very determined and loyal, who often speaks without thinking. Nessa's imaginary friend is a very friendly pink giraffe. Matt is a boy of seven who is very energetic but likes to sleep and do sports. He is an imaginary friend named Green Kangaroo Bongo, who, like his friend Matt, is very enthusiastic and constantly salty. 

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