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What are My Big Big Friend Games?

In this category you will find games for all ages, both girls and boys so sure you will find games that you like. In this category of games with My Big Big Friend you will have many adventures with our cartoon heroes, Yuri, Matt and Lili, who are best friends. They get along very well and having a great time together, taking part of many adventures. They always help each other and would do anything that their friendship would last forever. Sometimes longer fight, but friends get over any misunderstanding because their friendship is more important. Each of the three children have an imaginary friend very high. These friends imaginary can not be seen by adults or other children, but only Yuri, Lili and I can see Matt. In the category of My Big Big Friend game should pay attention to instructions received because only you will know what to do to achieve your goal successfully. You have to pay attention to details because so you manage to get the maximum score. In the category of My Big Big Friend games are very important points can help you get on the podium. If you fail the first attempt, you must not give up. The game is quite difficult so we have to try several times until you achieve your goal successfully and have the chance to become a top player. In these games with My Big Big Friend you manage to get among the best players will show everyone why you are able. The group leader is Yuri, a boy of five years very smart, intelligent and happy. It has a vivid imagination and always finds the best solutions for problems that arise. It only child, so sometimes selfish with his friends, but nevertheless often demonstrates that it is a true friend. Yuri's imaginary friend is Golias, a large blue elephant who likes to play outside, to do acting and to dress all kinds of clothes. Lili is a very beautiful girl of about six years, very determined and loyal, who often speaks without thinking. Nessa imaginary friend is a pink giraffe, very friendly. Matt is a boy of seven, very energetic, but who likes to sleep a lot and do sport. He is an imaginary friend named Green kangaroo Bongo, who like his friend Matt, is very energetic and constantly salt. Give us a like if you enjoyed our games category with My Big Big Friend game. In this category you will need qualities like skill, agility, creativity and spirit of adventure to fulfill your objective successfully. Much of My Big Big Friend games are easy at the beginning because so easily get used to the game, but as you progress you will give higher levels of obstacles that will give you big headaches and will be increasingly increasingly difficult to successfully fulfill your objective.