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What are The Fixies Games?

In this category of games appeared only here on our site, you will find all sorts of games for all age category so sure you will find that you enjoy games that keep you in suspense, to test all the qualities, games in which you can demonstrate that you are able. In this category you have in the forefront of our heroes cartoons, the series Fixies. Games repaired My Friends is a new category full of beautiful children's games, in which you will be in the spotlight Tom Thomas, the hero of the show. He lives alone in a house where she befriends two very strange characters, who seems to live long in the house with him, with the repair of damaged occupation. These two characters are part of the family and are called Simke fixi and Nolik and take care that everything in Tom's house to work. In these games in games with e Fixies must give everything your best to collect more points to be able to fill the podium to demonstrate that you are very skilled. You must use the mouse and arrows in most games but in some adventure games with e Fixies. Tom is a very resourceful boy and likes to have fun always but sometimes things in his house parking place, especially appliances do not work and does not know what to do with them. Although it seems an easy task because not rush to judge the game is difficult and as you progress you will give higher levels of obstacles that will give you big headaches. Luckily for Tom, his two friends are always with him and manage to fix things in a fun but educational as always communicate with and teach viewers how they fix things work. Children learn so much fun and very good with our heroes in the series e Fixies. In the category of games with e Fixies are many games in which creativity must either create images or pictures to color or dressed characters. You need to be careful in these games, pay attention to details, because only you will do a good job. Do not forget that in these games in e Fixies pay attention to instructions to know how to fulfill your objective. Tom knows that it can rely always on his two friends, and together they share many adventures. sometimes argue, but Tom knows that their friendship is more important then forget everything and gets along very quickly. If you fail the first attempt to finish the game successfully, you need to try again with more attention, because only through repetition you can succeed. Pay us a like if you enjoyed our games category of games with e Fixies. Do not forget that we put leave a comment with your opinion about this website and tell us if you have suggestions for new categories.