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What are Aristocats Games?

Aristocats Games is one of our newest games category in which we are sure that you are going to have a great time with us all over the place. Prepare a lot because it is really important that you have to get to know everything that you are about to do with us. Get ready and watch us doing everything that we can in such manner that nothing else could ever make you feel different. Show us everything that you could determine over there and show us how are you going to fell around here. Get going all the things that are going to be really important and try to show us that everything that you want to see would end up just as you would expect it. This new game category is made out of aristocracts and we are sure that you already know who they are. In order to refresh your memory we are going to tell you more about it so grind your ears because it is going to be quite important that you hear everything that we want to tell you about it. Well, get ready because you are going to find out everything that happened to this cat and dogs family that live in peace, but with a lot of interesting things and adventures going on. So, the main character of this serie is going to be Duchess, who would be along with all her little kittens that you probably like a lot. They are called Marie Berlioz and Touluse. Show us that you are going to be capable of reaching all the things that you enjoy in here and tell us that you wanted everything to be just as you had expected it. They are not just going to live alone but with a great Diva called Adelaide. She is one of the greatest that you probably know and that is why we are totally sure that you could have a great time with her after you brought that up. She is going to be followed by her buttler Edgar and without them noticing it, well, edgar is a bad person. That is why you need to be really careful around him. He is trying to end the life of all the kittens, in order for all the fortune to end up in his hands. Prepare a lot because everything that you consider to be great around here, would be one of the most interesting around here. Edgar always listens to what the others are saying, and he looks really good but in the end they find out that he is the mastermind of all the evilness in the house. Get ready and tell us how are you going to fell around here because it is quite important that you are never going to be figuring out thing like that. One day he plans to steal the kittens, and he manages to do it, but we are sure that it would not work for him in the end. Adelaide is going to be there and try to save them because they are really important and you cannot just let them be like that. Prepare with everything that you can and start helping those kittens defeat the evil buttler Edgar. On their way back home, they are going to be in a lot of dangerous situations, but we are sure that you can make it till the end with them and try to save everything that is to be saved around there. Show us that you can play with them and save them without any harm to be done. Somehow they manage to get back to Paris, and there they are going to meet their friends, such as Thomas and Scat. They would help them get back, and after that we are sure that you can do everything that you can in order to get rid of Edgar and make sure that he is going to be gone once and forever. Prepare with everything that you have got, and get us going the things that are going to be really important to you. Show us what have you got and get going all the interesting situations that you would manage to break through.