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What are Kid-E-Cats Games?

Kid-E-Cats Games was a category that we really needed to have on our website, considering that this show which has its origins in Russia, as kids from there might call this page Three Cats Games, as it is called there, has been picked up and distributed all across the world in 148 countries by Nick Jr in 2017, with it having first premiered in 2015, and considering that now, almost eight years later, it is still running and having new episodes produced, we would definitely call it a powerhouse in the world of television animation for children.

We also believe that over the years there have been some really awesome games with Kid-E-Cat that appeared on the internet over the years, and we would love absolutely nothing more than to share them with you right now!

If you're totally new to this page and it is the first time you've learned about the show, we will use this article to tell you more about it, which will surely convince you to start playing the great additions of this page right away when you're done!

Find out why Kid-E-Cats Games online are as awesome as they are and play them!

Cooking and Pudding are two of the Three Cats, and Candy is their little sister, them being the focus of each episode, as they are quite curious animals, but this is not going to kill them, as the saying goes. Instead, they go on adventures, play around with each other or friends, and discover new things, sometimes even doing some proper investigations.

Considering they are children, they sometimes need help, which is where their caring parents come in, and through their many quests they are also joined by very good friends such as:

  • Cupcake
  • Chase
  • Boris
  • Smudge
  • Mustard
  • Bow
  • Raisin
  • Dart

All these lovely characters live in a place known as Catopolis, sometimes called Meowli City, where cats parent their children and make sure that they develop safely and grow into really good cats, as the kids who watch the show are also encouraged to become good people.

As for the main characters, Cookie is the one with the biggest energy, and his mind drifts from one thing to another, just as his attention does. For his age, Pudding knows quite a lot of stuff, loves to play puzzles or solve riddles, and is a bit on the chubbier side. Candy is the youngest, but still smart and intuitive, although she can annoy her brothers, especially when she beats them with something and rubs it in their faces.

Play our Kid-E-Cats Games online for free and go on Wild Adventures, solve puzzles or find hidden objects, you can learn a lot through their many educational games for children, look for differences and train your eyes, or even take part in races to see which cat sibling is faster.

Considering how long the show has been around, we expect our games with Three Cats online to also stick around for a long time, and you should be positive that we will always be the first ones sharing the new content featuring them here!