Kid-E-Cats Races

24.01.2023 193 1 votes

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What is Kid-E-Cats Races?

Kid-E-Cats Races

We've never had racing games added before into the Kid-E-Cats Games category of our website, which is why we are delighted to present you with such a game right at this moment, even more so as it doubles down as one of the first skateboarding games of this category, so you now have even more reasons to give it a chance right away!

Try to win the Kid-E-Cats Races online right now!

Use W and S to change between the three lanes of the courses, doing so to avoid the other people on them, some of them also skateboarding, and even animals or bugs. The more you advance, the better, and as you proceed, try grabbing as many coins as possible for a big score.

If you want more speed, race through the lightning rods you also encounter, and they will give you that extra boost for a limited time. Every time you play, try to advance more meters than before, and with the coins, you earn you can acquire new skins for your character, as well as new skateboards to race on.

Now that the rules and gameplay mechanics have been explained, there are no reasons to hold back, so giving this game a chance right now should be an absolute must!

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How to play?

Use the W and S keys.