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What are Monster High Games?

Not just boys have an interest in monsters and creatures, but girls do as well, even more so when you give them a toy line of monster girls that are really fashionable and which they can dress up using the various toy clothing that you can get from shops, which is what Mattel did with their highly popular franchise of Monster High dolls, which started up in 2010, and since then has only become more popular, having animated specials and series in it, with live-action movies and series having already been announced to start airing on Nickelodeon sometimes in 2022.
Of course, girls were not satisfied with only playing with the dolls in real life, which is why so many Monster High Games online had been created for them where they can interact with these characters in different ways than they could with the physical dolls, and because of the endless possibilities of gaming, you could play with more characters at a time, and have adventures like no others!

The best Monster High Games for girls to play on our website

First of all, it is quite natural that Monster High dress up games would be some of the most popular ones you could find here because while the monster girls already have defined styles that are fashionable and rock, we’re sure that girls would want to give their own take on their outfits, and maybe dress up the monster girls as they would want to dress, so definitely check out any of these games, some of them having one character that you can dress up, other ones including multiple Monster High characters for you to change their look.
To stay in this realm, most of these girls have their own unique hairstyle, many of them being quite crazy-looking, which is suitable for a monster, and if you wanted to test out your hair cutting and hair styling abilities, you can do it with the many Monster High hair games our category has, where you work at the hair salon these monster girls visit, and give them awesome haircuts to impress everyone with!
You can play animal caring games, since the Monster High students have pets that they love and take care of, you can help the girls set up a band and play some rock music, if one of them gets pregnant, help them deliver the baby safely into this world, you can fix Draculaura’s teeth by being her dentist, as vampires take great care of their mouth and teeth, cook delicious food for them, or help the Monster High girls kiss their boyfriends without getting seen by their colleagues.

Who are the Monster High girls?

The corner of the monster world that this show takes place in is called New Salem, where the local high school is called Monster High, and the reason for that is because its students are the children of famous monsters from history, legends, and stories feared in the human world. We mostly follow the adventures of six main ’ghouls’, which is how the female monsters are named, while the male monsters in the school are called ’monsters ’. Let’s get to know the original six ghouls with whom you are going to play most of our games with Monster High online for free!
We first have Frankie Stein, whose parents are the famous Frankenstein’s Monster and his bride, with her body, just like her parent’s, being made out of various other monster parts. Maybe because of the way she is made she can be clumsy at times, but at the same time, she is one of the sweetest and most kind students you will find at this school for monsters.

Despite Draculaura being the daughter of the world’s most famous vampire, Dracula, she can’t stand the sight of blood and instantly faints when she sees it, and she hates meat in general, as she is a proud vegetarian. Pink, black, and white are the colors you will mostly see her dressed up in.
Next up is Clawdeen Wolf, who is the daughter of werewolves, people who turn into wolves-like creatures during the full moon. She has ear wolves, and just like the animals she is linked with, she can have quite the temper, despite always having good intentions. She is probably the most fashion-forward of the group and even knows how to make her own clothes. A true fashionista!
Cleo de Nile might look like your average teenage monster girl, but she is actually 5842 years old in the beginning of the series, with her father being a mummy from the Nile in Egypt who used to be a pharaoh. Being the leader of the cheerleader squad, it only makes sense she is also very sociable and will always find her at the best social events in town!

Not all monsters are found on land, as some of them can be found in the water, with Lagoona Blue being the daughter of sea monsters, and because of that she has the ability to speak to sea animals and understand them. The question is, do they understand Lagoona with her Australian accent?
Last but not least we’ve got Ghoulia Yelps, the daughter of a zombie who can’t speak like the other monsters, using only groans and moans to communicate, but that does not stop her from being the smartest of the ghouls, which Cleo took notice of when she gave Ghoulia a job as her personal assistant.


With a colorful, diverse, and fascinating cast of characters like the Monster High girls, there is no way at all that girls and women from all over the world won’t have a brilliant time dressing them up, giving them makeovers, cutting their hair, going out on dates, decorating their rooms, playing music, and many more activities like these, as there is always something new happening in New Salem. You now get to experience the everyday life of a monster, only here, with our free Monster High Games online!